About Us

  • Recognize and promote positive aspects of fatherhood through all media
  • Provide fathers with a support system through connections to resources that empower them to be 'Real Dads': present, providers, protectors and peacemakers
  • Collaborate with organizations to create positive outcomes for fathers and their children
  • Advocate for shared parenting as the standard for public policy decisions


Our Vision

Create a culture where all fathers are actively involved in the parenting process, and are portrayed and viewed as exemplary role models by society

Our Mission

The Real Dads® Network was created to help strengthen fathers and families. It is our belief that children do better, both developmentally and in attainment of life opportunities, when both parents are actively involved in their parenting, regardless of the marital or living circumstances. It is also our belief that healthy, functional black families create stronger communities and a stronger, more resilient society.

What we do

  • Monthly Real Dads® News to online subscribers
  • Monthly Real Dads® Club meetings
  • Annual Daddy Daughter Dance (NY) and National Father Daughter Dance
  • Annual Celebration of Real Dads' Week
  • Annual Real Dads® Scholarship and Awards Dinner
  • Presentation of fatherhood workshops
  • Speaking engagements through various media and events

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